Diamond Masterclass with Dr Gina Vega

An Expert Invisalign Practitioner

Are you looking for a way to advance your Invisalign skills and increase your case numbers as a GDP Invisalign Provider?

Our in-house experiential Masterclass, designed by Dr. Gina Vega, who has successfully completed over 1,000 Invisalign cases, is a clear cut way to achieve this. We will give you the tools and techniques necessary to improve patient treatment efficiency and grow your Invisalign case numbers.

The Masterclass is suitable for dentists with little to no Invisalign experience, and who are keen to progress in their Invisalign journey. As well as to Dental nurses looking to further their scope into treatment coordination.

"We had a very successful launch of the Diamond Masterclass on the 23rd September, with 12 delegates attending on the day. The day went amazingly well, with a lot of interaction from our delegates who felt very comfortable to ask questions throughout the day. Lunch was served at a lovely Brasserie round the corner, lovely food and a great opportunity for networking, everybody enjoyed themselves. In the afternoon, the breakout sessions were very successful with the nurses in attendance and some dentists learning and practicing taking scans and photos; whilst the rest of the delegates learned in detail how to navigate the ClinCheck Pro software to make modifications with 3D controls and plan their Invisalign treatments."

- Dr Gina Vega -

Invisalign Masterclass with Dr Gina Vega

Dr Gina Vega invites you and your nurse/TCO to join her and her TCO, Ashley at her practice for the day, for a Masterclass to perfect your Invisalign consultations, clinical skills and learn all there is to know about Clincheck Pro and 3D controls.

And will assist Dental nurses looking to further their scope into treatment coordination.

Gina’s Promise

If you attend my course, I will share my experience and knowledge with you, I will give you some great tips and talk about how a well thought structured and comprehensive consultation will give you the WOW factor that your patients will not have any doubt that you are the best dentist to deliver their treatment.

Your nurse/TCO will spend valuable time with Ashley, where they will have the opportunity to take photos, use the iTero scanner and discuss follow-up tips, she will also share the paperwork we use to communicate with our patients before the consultations and during the process of getting them to say YES to your treatment plan.

Why you need to take this course

This course will give you the tools to not only improve your case acceptance delivering the best consultation but for the benefit of your business, your patients will tell all their friends, colleagues, and family about how great you are and will recommend you!

At the same time that you convert consultations into treatment, you need to be able to maximise patient comfort and minimise chair time; I will show you clinical techniques to make the most of your time in the chair, What to look for at the monitor appointments and will share with you my chairside tips. You will be able to treat your patients in short appointments with no compromise on their care.... remember time is money!"

Knowing how to review your Clinchecks and using the 3D controls in an efficient way will save you time and reduce the need for Additional Aligners.

"At my practice in 12 months, we convert between 150-200 Invisalign consultations into cases; please note that my practice is NOT dedicated solely to Invisalign but that I also practice general dentistry."

Throughout our Masterclass, you'll gain a wide range of skills and knowledge to help you enhance your Invisalign practice, including:

  • - A step-by-step approach to conducting clear and honest Invisalign consultations
  • - Proven strategies for managing patient expectations and increasing case acceptance
  • - Clinical techniques to maximise patient comfort and minimise chair time when placing attachments and performing inter proximal reduction (IPR)
  • - Practical chair-side tips and monitoring techniques to improve your patients' overall experience
  • - In-depth training on using the tools available in the ClinCheck Pro software
  • - Guidance on prescribing optimised and conventional attachments to optimise treatment outcomes
  • - Advanced knowledge of how to modify your cases using ClinCheck Pro's 3D controls
  • - A thorough understanding of basic biomechanics

Team Approach

Plus, you have the option to bring your nurse/TCO along with you, free of charge.

Your team member will also benefit from our Masterclass, learning valuable skills to support you throughout your patients' Invisalign journey. They will:

  • - Gain the ability to provide invaluable support during your Invisalign consultations
  • - Learn how to take high-quality 3D scans using the iTero scanner
  • - Discover the techniques required to take clear and beautiful dental photos using a DSLR camera and the Invisalign App
  • - Develop the skills to coordinate a seamless patient journey, from initial consultation to successful treatment conversion

The one day course spent with Gina at her practice can be earned back by treating just 2 Invisalign cases – which this course is designed to help you achieve.

Expert Invisalign Practitioner Dr Gina Vega
Why us?

Dr Gina Vega is a highly experienced Diamond Invisalign provider and Clinical director of Bishopsgate Dental Care, a Multi-Award Winning dental practice in The City of London.

Dr Gina Vega is an expert Invisalign provider, having successfully treated over 1,000 Invisalign patients as a GDP. Her outstanding track record has earned her a place among the top 10% of Invisalign doctors in the City of London.

Gina's expertise in the field has also led her to become a sought-after speaker for Invisalign and a respected faculty member for Align Technology. As such, she is regularly invited to participate in trials for the company, contributing to the advancement of Invisalign technology and techniques.

In addition to her work with Invisalign, Gina is also a Director for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), a prestigious position that reflects her commitment to excellence in cosmetic dentistry. With her extensive experience, expertise, and dedication to her field, Gina is the ideal instructor to guide you and your team to success in the world of Invisalign.

Ashley Lawrence
Ashley Lawrence

Ashley Lawrence is a highly experienced dental professional with over 26 years of experience in the field. During her seven years at Bishopsgate Dental Care, she played a key role in helping Dr. Gina Vega convert over 1,000 patients to Invisalign treatment.

Ashley's exceptional work ethic, expertise, and attention to detail have contributed to the successful progression of the clinic from Platinum to Diamond Invisalign provider status. Her dedication to providing the highest level of patient care and support has earned her a reputation as an invaluable asset to the team.

With her extensive experience and exceptional skills, Ashley is the ideal instructor to help you and your team develop the knowledge and techniques necessary to achieve success in the field of Invisalign.

"I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Gina Vegas' Diamond Aligner Masterclass, and I must say, it was an outstanding experience! The day was filled with valuable insights presented in a friendly and supportive environment. Regardless of where you are in your aligner provision journey, this course offers something for every dentist. Dr. Vegas covered a wealth of information during the day, but she did so in a way that was easy to grasp.

One aspect that truly stood out to me was how the course emphasized the importance of team collaboration and its role in ensuring a successful patient journey. This approach added immense value to the learning experience.

I greatly appreciate that the course also simplified the complexities of biomechanics and the various types of attachments. This newfound clarity has significantly improved the predictability of my clinchecks, ensuring better outcomes for my patients. It's evident that this course offers practical benefits that directly impact patient care.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course and genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. A big thank you to both Gina and Ashley for such a rewarding day!"

- Dr Jenni Rawes -

"I feel that doing the course has really helped. It’s been really good – really informative. I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues."

- Nicola Evans -

"I am a business partner and owner of Swedental of surgery in Lymington. I want to upgrade my knowledge in dentistry. Invisalign is one of those subjects that I needed to learn more about. I would recommend other dentists to come and take part in Dr Gina’s courses. I think the education from today was really super!"

- Dr Beatrice Amadi -

"I’m a general dentist from South Wales. But I’ve enjoyed the course immensely. It’s been good, it’s been well run, and I hope we’ll take away a lot from it. I will certainly use Invisalign. I’ve just set up a private practice from an NHS practice. I will need quite a lot of experience before I start doing Invisalign treatment. I recommend this class immensely – I think Gina and his team have been very good."

- Dr Barry David -

"Such a great course, I enjoyed learning how I can support my dentist by taking the Invisalign records. It was very fun to scan for the first time and was very proud of how I managed to take decent photos on my first attempt using a digital camera"

- Emma Smith -

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Masterclass numbers are limited to 12 delegates, you can bring a team member free of charge, on a first come first serve basis. To secure your place, register today.

The cost of this course is £495 and will provide 6 hrs of CPD, meets the criteria for the GDC's development outcomes A, C and D.

Course Date: 2nd March 2024

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